Welcome to CyberSecure2024!

Join Us in Securing the Web, One Site at a Time

At Qunit Technologies, we’re on a mission to fortify the web against cyber threats. With hacking incidents on the rise, it’s time to take action.

What's CyberSecure 2024?

CyberSecure 2024 is more than a testing program; it’s a movement. Starting January 1st, 2024  and please add we’re offering website testing for just INR 1 for India users or $1 for International users. But here’s the catch: we don’t want your money. Instead, donate that dollar to a trusted NGO or charity working for a safer, better world.

Why INR 1 or $ 1 ?

Because awareness shouldn’t come at a cost. By contributing just INR 1 for India users or $1 for International users, you’ll help fund crucial initiatives while ensuring your website’s security. We’re not after profits. we’re after a secure online ecosystem.

How It Works

Step 1

Sign up your website for testing

Use your organization's official email to register your website for testing. This step ensures authenticity and security throughout the process.

Step 2

NDA and Information Exchange

We will share NDA documents on official email id. After your go ahead we will proceed with the Security Audit

Step 3

Receive Comprehensive Security Report

Sit back and relax. Our team of cybersecurity experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your website's security. You'll receive a detailed report highlighting potential vulnerabilities and recommendations for enhancing your site's defenses.

Spread the Word, Secure the Web
This isn't just about us. It's about you, your business, and our collective responsibility to safeguard the digital landscape.

Benefits of CyberSecure 2024

Get Ready to Secure Your Site

Are you prepared to be part of the CyberSecure 2024 movement? Reserve your spot now, and let's make the internet a safer place for all.

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